About the Founders

When my children grew up and left home, I went from cooking for a ravenous, appreciative family, to cooking for one. Or rather not cooking for one!

I struggled to find tasty, nutritious, and easy to prepare recipes for one. Meals that were specifically designed for one, that used practical ingredients for one, that could be made with ease every night of the week and not just on special occasions. So I created Single Fare for all the single people who have stood in front of an open fridge and stared at the withered vegetables and out of date jars and then settled on take-away for dinner. Again!

My daughter Louise, who is a passionate and talented cook, co-created Single Fare to help me rediscover the joy that cooking brings and also to ensure that I am looking after myself – a concern I think  she shares with many other children of single parents.

So whether you are young, old or in between, we hope you enjoy this site and bon appetite

Susan and Louise