Tips & Tricks

Many layers to the humble onion

Did you know that different onions are used for different reasons in dishes? I didn’t – but more importantly, do I really care? I recently went to a cooking demonstration… Read More

Solo Cooking – Tools of the Trade

Successfully cooking for one does require some additional kitchen equipment, you need to scale down! If you cook a single serve frittata in a large frying pan you will end… Read More

Are you intimidated by Masterchef!

I was recently given a Masterchef cookbook, a thoughtful gift you might think. However I have never watched a complete episode of the TV show because frankly I was intimidated… Read More

Is it worth baking for one!

Someone recently asked why I bothered baking just for me when I could easily buy cakes, pastries and biscuits. She had obviously never experienced the gorgeous mouth watering aromas that… Read More

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