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Bigger is Not Always Better

Posted by SusanDevine on January 29th, 2013

I never noticed before how supermarkets are selling such BIG things! I went to buy some things to make a healthy stir fry for one. It’s hard enough buying for the solo cook but when you can only buy capsicums the size of footballs it makes it that much harder. And don’t talk to me about apples the size of melons and bananas big enough to feed a family of four!!! OK I am exaggerating (a bit) but I really feel this obsession with ‘upsizing’ is just another way to make us buy more, and pay more at the checkout! Whatever happened to small sweet apples and little capsicums just the right size for one or two serves? Small in size but big on flavour and just right for a single serve of Easy Apple Crumble. Although with a bigger apple I might just need to make two…

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  1. Penny Cooke says:

    And let’s not forget the Buy One Get One Free, or half price! Who can resist a bargain? And how many times do we throw that extra away? I’ve done it so many times – and now I try really hard not to!

    And oh … I do wish there were more websites like this that specialise in single servings. I get really fed up (no pun was intended!) with working them down to singles (my maths is dreadful and I have trouble enough converting cups etc to English or into metric so my kitchen scales can understand!), or even to a two-person recipes, leaving something for later in the week…

    So hurrah for Single Fare!

    And I am so going to try that Easy Apple Crumble. This weekend.

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Bigger is Not Always Better